About FMQB

FMQB is a blog for football fans, by a football fan. Each week I try to show some insights into several games and interesting statistics while also bringing humor to the mix. Join me for some fun by taking a quick break every week to re-live the best game in the world. For more personal information about me, read below:


My name is Matt and I live in Minnesota. Growing up in other areas of the Midwest, I bounced around from liking the Vikings, then Panthers, and then Rams all before ever living in a state that had an NFL team. Because of that, I became a fan of the NFL as a whole, passionate about the game, excellent players, and competitive play of all teams. I grew up in a fun era, watching Jerry Rice catch, Troy Aikman win, Barry Sanders cut his way through the league. My passion began with collecting team gear, hanging posters on the wall, and learning about the game playing Techmo Super Bowl (we all did, and Bo Jackson is still a God in my book). It then grew to making full season highlight videos to analyzing stats for fantasy football. In the 2011 season, I decided to put my strong opinions onto paper each week. After 2 full seasons, and strong feedback from friends and family, I have decided to upgrade to a website for the 2013 season.



Avid readers will know who I like and don’t like, but I’ll lay it out here. I started my life as a Vikings fan, purely due to proximity. I remember rooting on Randall Cunningham and Warren Moon as a little kid, and I remember A LOT of interceptions. In the 3rd grade, I did a state report on North Carolina, the same year the Panthers came into the league. I became a die-hard fan of the new team for about 6 years (and actually still have a bunch of gear). Finally, I became a Rams fan in 1999, which stuck. My father worked with Kurt Warner’s dad the same year Warner started and won the Super Bowl. We followed that magical season, which was when I chose to never miss a game. After a decade of rough seasons, I still love the team that truly implanted that passion into me. Because of this, I still hold a grudge against Tom Brady and the Patriots for that last second kick, and is the one team I root against each week.


Special Thanks:

I have been reading Peter King’s MMQB, and Gregg Easterbrook’s TMQB for over a decade, and they are admittedly my inspiration for this blog. My parents were also very supportive of my football obsession. Although never huge football fans themselves, they let me stay up late for Super Bowls, and I can contribute my Rams fandom to both of them.


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