One comment on “FMQB: Thank You, I’m here all week!

  1. great update this week FMQB!!!
    I know this is all NFL, but I thought you were gonna have at least a short comment on the Joe Paterno situation at Penn State. But I guess its safer not to say anything about that.
    BTW: Yes, Luck is a good QB, but…Standford so far has had a very easy schedule and they barely beat USC with Matt Barkley. I have the feeling that ESPN may be overhyping him a little bit. I think the most impressive part about his status is that he call his own plays on offense, which is kind of like Manning does/did for the Colts. So what I am sayins is that Luck is the perfect fit for Indy. Let him learn the offense for a year and then reevaluate Manning as QB. If he still has 4 good years, then trade away one of them…if not, put Luck in, have Manning as the best sub of NFL history and slowly turn him into the offensive coach.

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