3 comments on “FMQB: Injury Conspiracy

  1. I hate to admit it as a Vikings fan, but the Packers. With their schedule, they can run the table (maybe lose at Dallas), finishing 14-2. That may be enough to win home field throughout the playoffs too. Not sure how the tiebreaker would work with 3 14-2 teams… Whichever NFC team has home field will win the conference. And IF the Broncos make the Superbowl (my bet is the Patriots in the AFC), it’s in New York. We all know how Peyton plays in the cold…

    Seattle (loss at San Fran): 14-2 (1 loss in NFC)
    New Orleans (loss at Seattle): 14-2 (1 loss in NFC)
    San Fran (loss at New Orleans): 13-3

    San Fran is underrated too. San Fran gets Crabtree back in November, Cobb comes back late for the Packers. Great additions to both teams right in time for the playoff push.

  2. You should make bold predictions each week, and maybe pick 1 or 2 games against the spread that are “locks” in your mind. It adds excitement to the blogs when you’re right or wrong with your claims.

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