4 comments on “FMQB- There Is No Right and Wrong

  1. Hey, am I not a big enough name!? Just because Tebow was in the NFL doesn’t make him a better athlete than me!

  2. The only problem with the analysis of the flag/no flag play in the Patriots game, regardless of my own bias, is that it could have been one of three penalties not just the pass interference that is arguable. It was defensive holding with Kuechly literally hugging Gronk before and after the ball was thrown. there is no requirement that the ball even be thrown to the receiver with that call. It also should have been called illegal contact down field because a receiver is not supposed to be contacted after five yard beyond the line of scrimmage. Seeing as the play started over 20 yards from the goal line Kuechly’s intentional contact of Gronk should have been called. So, regardless of whether or not it was pass interference the flag still wasproperly thrown and should not have been picked up.

  3. Hey, the Vikings Thursday night win over the Redskins was a great matchup and game to watch! Whoever their coach is should get a raise and definitely shouldn’t be fired.

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