2 comments on “FMQB: “Wild” Card Weekend

  1. The 49ers/Panthers game isn’t quite a rematch, because the 49ers were without Crabtree, lost Vernon Davis in the 1st quarter to a concussion, and it was Aldon Smith’s first game. I agree 49ers win easily.

    Colts/Pats I feel the same way as you about it, not really sure why.

    The other two, however, I am taking the Chargers (because I bet on them to make the superbowl…), because they could have won both games, and they are getting hot at the right time too. I like Whisenhunt’s offense on that team, and given the Broncos are only 4-3 against playoff teams, and Manning’s one-and-done record, and playing in the cold, I am taking the Chargers with the upset.

    As for the Seahawks. They killed the Saints earlier this year. Wasn’t close, and it wasn’t a fluke. The Seahawks only losses were at their rival, and at home to the other rival in hiccup game. I think Pete Carroll has them focused and they take it easily, 27 – 17.

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